scotus lgbt

Individuals Against Same-Sex Marriage Resisting SCOTUS’ Ruling

June 26, 2015 is a momentous date for the United States. Same-sex marriage was finally recognized that day by the highest court in the land: the Supreme Court of the United States. Parades were held, bells were rung, and same-sex couples of inundating numbers rush to parishes intending to tie their vows. But even with […]

war with patent trolls

The Crackdown on Patent Trolls

Back in the day when someone speaks of troll people think of large creatures with thick skin wielding huge wooden clubs. Today, trolls are referred to people that rouse trouble over the internet. However, there is also another kind of troll that exists outside the web. And no, they aren’t wielding clubs. They’re armed with […]

crime as a label

Crime as a Label in the Modern Context

What is crime? In Introduction to Criminological Thought, Pavlich (2000) suggests that the word “crime” comes from the Latin word crimen which is used simultaneously with other words like culpa, accusare, offensa and ignominia which mean fault, to call someone to account for their actions, offence, and scandal respectively. There are many controversial topics surrounding […]

compassionate release

Getting in the Loop About Compassionate Release

In 2009, the Lockerbie Bomber was released from prison and allowed to return to his home country because he was terminally ill. Also, Susan Atkins, one of the notorious Manson Family, is also asking for release on the grounds that she is dying of brain cancer. Both of these cases involve the Federal law of […]

gun violence

A Promising Solution to Persisting Gun Violence

Gun crimes have been one of the persisting headaches among legislatures over the years. From school shootings to increase gun violence within cities, politicians have been drafting laws to lessen gun-related crimes in the country. GIVE Initiative Despite all these regulations that are enforced by law makers, gun violence still prevails among areas in the […]

identity fraud

Creating Awareness on Identity Fraud

Identify theft affects up to 13.1 million Americans in 2013 and it is increasing every year, according to the 2014 Identity Fraud Survey Report published by Javelin Strategy and Research. Resolving the damage caused by identity theft takes an average of 21 hours according to Javelin, although some people continue to encounter problems with identity […]

design against crime

Building Design to Thwart Crime

The idea of constructing the built environment in a way that reduces the opportunities for crime has formally been in existence since the 1970s. But can it work? C. Ray Jeffrey, from Florida State University, first coined the phrase ‘Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design’ (CPTED) in 1971 with the publication of his book of the […]