Criminal justice and the challenges it faces

Criminal justice represents an extensive collection of institutions and practices whose goal is to prevent crime, uphold social control and punish the entities and individuals that break the law. New age brought a lot of new things to the street, and that makes it harder for people to deliver the criminal justice to those that deserve it.
The reasons behind some of those crimes are also something that disrupts the society at its core. Reasons behind the crimes changed, and that presents the problem for the enforcement force as the people who commit crimes turn out to be ordinary people.

The primary challenges of the criminal justice system

The youth that joins the gangs and uses drugs due to economic pressure makes the job of Criminal justice professionals a lot harder. Dealing with youth isn’t same as dealing with grown-up people and Criminal justice system has to adapt to these new criminals. Prison isn’t always the answer, and thus education about dealing with young people is necessary. Considering that many of those young people carry illegal guns, it becomes apparent that a new approach is to the youth crime is needed.

The second challenge for the criminal justice system is some drugs in the community. More than 70 percent of males test positive on drug tests, and this is a concerning fact. Drug sales and the whole markets were run by gangs and organized crime groups in the past, but that changed. Right now the majority of drug distributors are ordinary people who do that to earn some cash on the side. Those people represent the society that lost its sight of the legality of the actions and therefore they are ready to use violence to gain what they want.

Other info about criminal justice system

Criminal justice system isn’t just about drugs and crime on the street, it also deals with other social issues that many people ignore. For example, we have domestic violence against women and children. Do note that these two are separate, as women are abused by men while children get abused by both sexes. A lot of these cases go unpunished, and the criminals continue with their practice.

The males that abuse their wives and children will continue to do so as no one stops them. The worst victims are the kids as they grow up in that unhealthy environment. Those children grow up to be criminals, and this circle needs to be stopped.